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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions I receive. If you have any others, don't hesitate to get in touch. I am always happy to chat! 

Q. How does yoga therapy differ from yoga class?

A. Public yoga classes are wonderful; they promote community, and we learn from and are nourished by practicing in community. However, they are not tailored for specific needs, and many yoga practices can be harmful for those living with pelvic dysfunction. Yoga therapy begins by meeting that one client right where she is, setting personal goals and measurable outcomes, and designing in concert with the client a pathway of care that often includes other practitioners/modalities of care. We find ease in the body, and then we go from there. Ideally, yoga therapy is a pathway of care toward public class, or other movement goals.


Q. What is the typical amount of time a client will spend with you?

A. All private clients are required to fill out a client intake form, medication list, and a waiver (insurance, expectations) before their first session. After the initial assessment, I am able to communicate to clients an expected number of sessions, in order for our work to be effective. For clients with a straightforward presentation of stress incontinence as a result of pelvic floor weakness, for example, they would typically spend 4-6 sessions fostering awareness and strengthening their pelvic floor with asana (postures) and pranayama (breath work) before reducing the frequency with which they see me, or stopping altogether. Clients presenting with more complicated, mixed-state pelvic floor status or pelvic pain, however, may see me more intermittently, as part of a pathway of care, but over a longer period of time.


Q. Do you perform any internal release/manual work?

A. No. All of our work is clothed, non-sexual in nature, and if I do touch a client, it is externally only, and with permission (for example, on the shoulder, hip, or back). Clients are informed of these conditions in their waiver.


Q. Is it really necessary to change my yoga practice when I'm pregnant? What should I change, and when?

A.  There is no one right answer about how and whether your existing yoga practice should change to meet your pregnancy. With each pregnancy, each pregnant woman, and with each of her pregnancies, the answers about how yoga practices should change and adapt vary. 


Q. Can I start yoga when I'm pregnant, (my doctor suggested it)?

A. Yes, you can start yoga when you're pregnant, but getting a doctor or other medical care provider to clear you for exercise, especially if you've any increased risk to your pregnancy, is important. Reach out for more personalised guidance from a qualified pre-natal yoga teacher, or schedule a private or two to get a sense of what to expect from group classes. Taking up any new physical activity during pregnancy without proper guidance and instruction is not advised. 

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