A New Class For Pelvic Health!

Finally, the yoga therapy studio in Larkspur, SMC Marin, and I are up and running with a new class designed just for core and pelvic health! If you are living with pelvic floor dysfunction and/or disease, and this includes incontinence (stress or urge, or both), pelvic cancers (prostate, cervical), and pelvic pain, this could be your class! 

Starting this coming Monday (June 15), I'll be offering a nurturing environment, free from judgment or shame, in which we can all become better acquainted with our pelvic health, and ways we can further improve it. We'll align the breath and pelvic floor function, review important biomechanical considerations, and utilise the beauty and wisdom of classic yoga asana and pranayama to help the healing process. This is an excellent transition class between pelvic-focussed physical therapy and public exercises classes (just make sure you've got your doctor and/or PT's approval to exercise). 

Check out my class listing for exact times and directions to SMC Marin. Hope to see you there! 

James Scott