Yoga 101!

I was so honoured to teach Yoga of Sausalito's Yoga 101: Yoga Basics workshop this past Sunday. What a wonderful group of people: some, brand new to yoga and others, refreshing their practice after a long time away from the mat. For me, it was a wonderful reminder to cultivate a sense of curiosity on the mat, and a desire to explore, asking: what will I find, what (wisdom/learning/experience) can I unlock today? 

One of the quotes shared at the weekend, from B.K.S. Iyengar:

"In the beginning, [asana and pranayama] are done at a physical level. As understanding deepens, the body is penetrated internally, its movements are connected with the intelligence, and the asana is grasped as a single unit in all directions: front to back, top to bottom, side to side. It is absorbed and held by the body's intelligence for the soul to perceive. One learns that one's body is the bow, the asana is the arrow, and the target is the soul. When the asana is perfected, the target is struck: the field and the knower of the field are united. The logic and reasoning of the asana are fulfilled. The sadhaka [seeker], having lost the consciousness of the asana and of his body, is one with himself." [Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 70]

Can't wait for the next session: October 2nd!

For those who are interested and missed this round, Yoga of Sausalito will be running these sessions again. Watch this space for dates in early December. Namaste. 

James Scott