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Babies, babies, babies....

So, you've heard that yoga can be a helpful addition to your pre-natal regimen, but general yoga classes are a little frightening. I hear the same questions all the time: what should I do? What shouldn't I do? These insecurities, and the dance around general yoga classes and a dive into specifically pre-natal yoga are pretty common. A private session or two can help you understand your body, your pregnancy, and how yoga can be a part of it. We know yoga benefits birth outcomes, and we know that it helps mamas return to activity after birth. 

Learn more about my upcoming free educational event, 'Pelvic Health in Pregnancy and Beyond' and my regular pre- and post-natal classes at 1 Baltimore Place and Vista Yoga.



Yoga and the postpartum woman

Postpartum moms: you had a pelvic floor with its own history before you got pregnant, your pregnancy, labor and delivery changed your body yet further (you may have noticed), and you have goals and desires for your wellness now that your child has arrived. Yoga is for you, but knowing where you're starting from (physically, mentally, but especially with regard to your core and pelvic health) is of supreme importance.