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Yoga Therapy for Pelvic Health

Therapeutic yoga meets you right where you are, tailoring private (or small group) sessions to your specific needs and conditions. After a thorough intake, together we set personal goals and measurable outcomes. We plan our time together. Yoga therapy offers the client a pathway of care that often includes other practitioners and/or modalities of care, and I work with your providers to align goals, physical practices, and outcomes.

We find ease in the body, and we go from there.

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Pregnant and Postpartum Mamas

I regularly see pregnant women who seek increased knowledge and awareness of all things pelvic as they prepare for labour and delivery. I also help women who need help to sustain movement during their pregnancy. 

For postpartum moms (at any stage postpartum), I help them re-connect with themselves. We work carefully and thoroughly to focus awareness, regain energy, and build strength in a true core fired by a healthy pelvic floor.  

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Women living with Pelvic Dysfunction, including Incontinence and POP

Too many women worldwide live with pelvic dysfunction (including incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse). We are taught to accept urine leakage and pelvic discomfort as a normal part of aging, of childbirth, of being a woman. I help women refuse this narrative, regain healthy pelvic floor tone and recruitment, and return to participation in daily life.   

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Men! (You have pelvic floors, too....) 

It's brave for men to come forward with pelvic dysfunction. For younger men, pelvic pain or other pelvic conditions can result from over-exertion or misalignment; for older men, aging produces its own challenges with regard to the pelvic floor, to prostate health and for the body's systems that live in and travel through our pelvis. Dedicated yoga therapy can help correct and alleviate symptoms of disease and dysfunction.