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Yoga for Pelvic Health


Welcome to PLS Yoga

Thank you for your interest in my teaching and educational events. I offer students a diverse range of yoga, from vinyasa tune-ups to restorative and yin practices, but I specialize in yoga to support pelvic health.

In addition to my work with pre- and post-natal women, I work with men and women suffering from pelvic dysfunction and disease, including incontinence and pelvic pain, pelvic cancers, as well as sacroiliac (SI) and sciatic pain. Learn more about who I help.

I teach general, public yoga classes, and I offer private yoga sessions to meet individual needs. Learn more about where to find me.


“The beauty of yoga is that it meets us where we are. Through our practice, we meet our true self. In its fullness, yoga accepts both who we are, and who we would become.”


Pelvic Health and Wellness

Therapeutic yoga is often a wonderful complement to medical and physical therapy care for pelvic disease and/or dysfunction. Did you know that tailored yoga sequencing can remedy many forms of incontinence, relieve and correct the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain conditions, and sciatica? Yes, it can. It can also help you live with cancer in the pelvic region, including prostate (I'm talking to you, men).

To learn more about the pelvic floor and the benefits of yoga therapy, click here. 


Experience The Benefits of Private Yoga

Private lessons offer a yoga-based continuation of care: for many people, yoga can offer an effective pathway to healing after proper medical support and physical therapy.

For more on the difference between public classes and private yoga, and other common questions, visit my FAQ page.