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Client Love

I'm so grateful for these comments. They fill my heart and work with purpose, and I hope that they communicate the power and possibility of yoga. 

"Patty is very professional, warm, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend PF yoga with her! If you've given birth, you need to see Patty." Private client, Atlanta, GA

If you’ve given birth, you need to see Patty.

"I have been taking pre-natal yoga classes from Vista Yoga for few months and it has been truly great experience. The studio is very clean and beautiful and my pre-natal instructor Patricia is very encouraging and caring. She focuses on each and every mom depending on their stages of pregnancy and provides modification when necessary. I always feel very well taken care of and so would highly recommend it to all expecting mothers!" Prenatal yoga client, Vista Yoga, Decatur, GA


"Your leadership during our Friday night yoga+pelvic+practice teaching session was effective, interesting, and challenging. You spoke to the complexity of the physical and emotional experiences in the body as they relate to the pelvis and you brought us out of our comfort zones to zero in on this important area and to continue to find our individual voices as yoga guides. Thank you!" Shannon Kozubik, Founder, Pomegranate

"It was so inspirational to see the beautiful work you create around what really captures your interest and heart....Your work is an example of one pointed concentration & it is so empowering!  I also learned a lot about the pelvic floor and loved how you laid it out and managed to give so much in so little time." Naia MaroYoga Teacher

"I was eager to add yoga to my post-double knee replacement rehab. Working with Patricia, I felt like I achieved more than I thought possible. Her strong, gentle and positive .guidance and encouragement accompany a remarkable insight into subtleties of body movement and mechanics. Patricia is a great communicator and added a lasting and unique dimension that helps me daily with a sometimes frustrating recovery/reconciliation process."DD

Working with Patricia, I felt like I achieved more than I thought possible.

"During the birth of my third child, I developed Cystocele (dropped bladder). Having never heard of the condition before, I was afraid, shocked and embarrassed by the diagnosis. I was seeing a physical therapist who basically asked me to to lots of Kegels. During the same period, I came across Patty who shed much needed light on the condition. I learned that I was not the only person with pelvic issues, exactly how my pelvic anatomy worked and what I was doing in everyday life that was exacerbating the condition. It turns out, kegels were not what I needed to do but a different type of exercise that suited my body better. Most importantly, I learned to breath correctly and truly pay attention to my body.

Even as a busy parent, I am healing everyday because of the knowledge and diy tips that Patty gave me. Each class was healing, reassuring, encouraging and most importantly for me, baby friendly" SD

I’m so glad i found her.

"I have been taking Patty's Pelvic Health Class since June 2015. It has made a huge difference with my stress incontinence. In fact, the stress incontinence is not happening any longer! Patty is very thoughtful and respectful of her students' privacy. She is very knowledgeable of our bodies and what might be going on with them, and how to help return them to normal. I am so glad that I found her."  CH

"I love the focused, multi-level practice that Patricia offers on Monday mornings at the Stress Management Center. I know many of the men in the 9am class and they all rave about their class, and for me, I can't recommend her 10:15 women's class highly enough. Patricia makes sure that everyone's needs are covered, whether it's in body, mind, or spirit, and offers different variations for any pose or series to accommodate everyone. Truly a healing and strengthening class for all aspects of me, and the more often I go, the more I get out of the class. Thank you for being at SMC and offering your women's (and men's) classes, Patricia." ML

"I wasn't afraid of my pain in that room, because I felt her knowledge of the body, that she understood my pain, and respected it enough to let me go at my own pace." CK

"I can't say enough about how much Patricia Schmidt has transformed my yoga practice. She truly individualizes your session to your needs. Patricia understands anatomy more than the average yoga teacher which allows you to push your limits while remaining safe at all times. She listens well and will set you up with a practice that fits in with your level and lifestyle. If you are considering private yoga sessions, I would highly recommend her!" JC

I can’t say enough about how much Patricia Schmidt has transformed my yoga practice.

"Patty provides an amazing awareness of muscles and movement. Her sessions are gentle and productive." Male pelvic health client